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Timothy Gerdingh


Create a new product brand for restaurant Aantafel to sell at the in-house shop.

From wines, coffee beans and weekly changing eatables. There was a wide variety of home-made and produced products to sell in the shop. By detaching it from the restaurant brand with an own identity and creating a strategy around the shop it made establishing an unique selling market possible.


project info

  1. Create a modern product brand

  2. Design a logo that correlate its parent

  3. Design new packages and prints

  4. Implement a product selling strategy

Design & Concept

The logo is build with a positive and negative composition. Smaakvol means 'tasteful' in Dutch, where 'vol' means 'full'. It therefore is build with negative space to visualise this. The San Serif style gives it a modern look and creates unity between both compositions.

To correlate with its parent brand ''Restaurant Aantafel'' it is made with the same elements and with the same overall structures.

Logo & Branding

Color Pallet & Textures

The implementation of funny quotes from famous people to elevate the product experience.

Wine & Packaging



Home Made

To give the overall experience a modern and luxurious feel. Also to bring all products together and recognisable.

To-Go Packaging

The results

The products were showcased and sold at the instore-shop of the restaurant. We created it's own POS environment from where the data showed that the product sales were very successful in conversions, especially the upt's.

Restaurant Aantafel



Package Designs

Sales Strategy





KPI-Report Solutions

Floreant POS Systems


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