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Timothy Gerdingh



I am a solopreneur that designs

impact and growth for your brand.


. Position your brand for long term success
. Outmanoeuvre your competitors
. Attract & connect with your market


I’m a mental meltdown coach for my two children, together with my wife. A food specialist based on tasting it. And an amateur F1 analist stationed on the couch with friends.

I AM..

. Webdesign & Development
. Branding & Strategy

A creative professional that transforms your brand into a vibrant growth platform. Designing meaningful experiences through web- and brand solutions.

I focus on the overall experience of your brand, the full 360º approach. Create concepts and strategies that are relevant, distinctive and understandable for your market. Not pointless stories but smart business strategies that correlate with the data and long term visions.

The key is to connect creativity with business that will deliver more revenue. The interrelationship between different media and new ways to communicate. I have 16+ years of experience with development and execution of unique concepts for better navigation within your competitive environment. Done with customised platforms focussed on your market.


Een doel zonder plan blijft een wens.

Ik bedenk data gedreven ideeën die relevant, uniek 

en begrijpbaar zijn voor jouw markt.


Geen eindeloze verhalen, maar een strategische

sessie die snel tot de kern komt.

. super snelle oplevering

. altijd up-to-date

. revisies inbegrepen


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